Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Campaign Comments

Comments on the Campaign
The whole campaign was solo-played using the map-less Piquet’s Theatre of War section. Each battle was fought after determining the forces present with some interesting surprises which I then explained in the context of the campaign. The description of the individual characters and the Orders of Battle owe much to William Gutherie’s two books on the Thirty Years War which stirred the juices and got me painting and playing with my TYW figures.

The opening campaign battle was a shock to me as many of the Imperial commanders fell when the Imperial side suffered from the lack of initiative typical of Piquet. I had expected a completely different turnout given the poor quality of the Swedish overall commander but Piquet’s initiative system made the difference. I like the system of initiative especially for solo games as it adds enough uncertainty so that one has the feeling one is turning the pages of a story, each phase of the battle is a new chapter and often very unexpected. That for me catches the essence of the solo game.

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